New York Turkey Hunting Forecast

The New York Turkey hunting forecast for the 2022 spring season is here and the results look promising for all of our Hungry Trout hunting guests.

As described in DEC’s Wild Turkey Management Plan (PDF), DEC has changed the way that seasonal turkey harvest is reported. In the past, DEC only summarized the number of birds actually reported by hunters. Now, the DEC reports an estimated total turkey harvest based on surveys of approximately 12,000 turkey permit holders after the close of the hunting season. This results in a calculated harvest based on estimated reporting rates. This provides a more accurate harvest estimate and a more realistic assessment of the status of New York’s wild turkey populations.

The turkey take in Spring of 2021 was down from the previous year but most if not all of this can be attributed to a drastic decrease in participation during that season. That is, a drastic decrease in survey participation. Hunters in 2021 took almost 17,000 turkeys which is down from the previous year and on par with the year prior. Important to note is that last years participation was very high due to the pandemic.

For this years New York Turkey Hunting forecast, things are looking very good. Biologists predict an uptick in the population due to improved reproductive success in 2020, which gives us the age class birds we are looking for this year.

This year we are offering limited turkey hunts on a first come first serve basis. Our hunts are sold as two day packages and due to the limited availability, that is all we are able to currently offer. We encourage our guests to combine activities with their turkey hunting as all turkey hunting in New York end at noon. You can view our turkey hunting packages HERE.

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