With the spring 2022 New York turkey season just around the corner, it’s time to release out New York turkey hunting gear guide.

Like all outdoor pursuits, the gear needed for New York turkey hunting varies greatly depending on locale, but our guides have put together a list of the items we recommend on your New York turkey hunt with the Hungry Trout Resort. This is a basic list and does include everything you should bring but it covers the most commonly asked questions about gear.

New York turkey hunting gear

Like most turkey hunting trips, our guides recommend a lightweight Camo with plenty of green. Our head guide is currently wearing Nomad Camo. Specifically the stretch Lite pants and the pursuit longneck hoodie. Good camo for turkey hunting is absolutely vital, it’s not a suggestions, it’s a prerequisite for hunting turkeys. This includes a hat, facemask and gloves. As you know, turkey’s eyesight is incredible and good camouflage is a variable we are able to control. There is a good chance your current gear could work well so we encourage you to check with us. If you are a seasoned turkey hunter we are sure you know what type of camo you will need to bring. If you have questions about your gear, as always, feel free to call us anytime.

New York turkey hunting gear savage shotgun

The weapon you choose to bring will ultimately determine the setup of your hunt. Like most turkey hunters. Our guides are shooting 12 gauge guns that are capable of shooting 3 or 3 1/2 inch shells. We believe in camo on our guns as much as believe in our camo clothing but we understand that we have the tools available to us at the time. Our head guide is currently shooting a 12 guage Savage Renegauge in Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession Camo, it is also available in bottomland for those of you who mix your guns in with your waterfowl gear.

New York turkey hunting gear shotgun shell

Moreso than the rest of your gear, the ammo you load into your gun plays the biggest factor in your success. Turkeys are a tough bird and a well patterned load with the proper choke and shot is imperative. We are currently shooting Federal Heavyweight TSS in the 7 and 9 configuration. TSS rounds are all the rage and for good reason. According to Federal “Kill gobblers at longer distances than ever before with HEAVYWEIGHT® TSS. Its payloads of HEAVYWEIGHT Tungsten Super Shot provide the highest pellet counts possible. The tungsten-alloy material’s 18 gm/cc density is 22 percent higher than standard tungsten and 56 percent more than lead. The result is the most energy and highest velocities at extreme range. Its rear-braking FLITECONTROL FLEX® wad performs flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for the most consistent, deadly patterns possible.


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