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Stream Report

Stream Report

Adirondack fishing reports at your fingertips. Visit this page often for the latest updates on the fishing in our area which includes Lake Placid, Wilmington, and Whiteface Fishing.

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DATE: 06/26/22

Water Conditions

Ausable Main Stem: 417 CFS

West Branch Of the Ausable: 138 CFS 

Clarity: Clear

Water Temperatures: 63-70 F

Current Conditions:  Flows are at great levels with good clarity. The rain late last week got the fish and bugs moving and fishing has been good. Temps are rising to the high 60s and hitting 70 degrees in the late afternoon, so make sure to be checking the temps throughout the afternoon. Follow the cool water upstream as the day goes on. The pocket water, pools, and fast and deep riffles/runs have been producing great fishing. Flatwater stretches have been productive with occasional rises in the evening and early morning and fishing deep bends with large attractors and droppers. Chubby Chernobyls etc. We also have a fair number of stoneflies around and yellow and orange stimulators have been great search pattern. Evening hatches of small caddis and mayflies have been productive with fish being caught on flies #16-20. Area lake and pond trout fishing has been good and our Lake Trout Guide Zach Horrocks has been crushing huge lake trout on lake placid.  For more information about current conditions Please call The Hungry Trout Shop at (518)-946-2117 

Hatches: Blue Wing Olives, cahills, Stoneflies, Tan Caddis, Yellow Sallies

Must have Fly Patterns: (Nymphs) Girdle Bugs Sz.8-12, Zug Bug Sz. 12-16, Jig Caddis Pupa Sz.12-14, Prince Nymph Sz.10-14, Birds nest Sz. 12-14, Jig Mop Fly Sz.10-14 Soft hackle Hares Ear Sz.12-14 , Thurminator Golden Stone, Perdigon Olive and Tan Jig #16-14

(Streamers) Gray Ghost Sz.4-6, Green Ghost Sz.4-6, Red Ghost Sz.4-6, Black Ghost Sz.4-6, Woolly Buggers(Olive,Black,White, Brown) Sz.4-8 Sparkle Minnows Sz.4-6, Zonkers (olive, Tan, Pearl, Black) Sz.6

(Dry Flies) BWO Comparadun Sz.14-16 BWO Trifecta Sz.14-16, BWO spinner Sz.14-16,  Rusty Spinner Sz.12-16 Chubby Chernobyl Sz.8-10 Ausable Bomber Sz. 10-14 Ausable Wulff Sz.12-14, Elk Hair Caddis Sz.12-20, Stimulator Sz. 6-14, Griffiths gnat Sz. 18-20

Techniques and Tips: Indicator and Tightline Nymphing in the pools and pocket water has been the most consistent fish producing methods. Fishing double nymph rigs with two different styles of flies has been helping to determine what the fish are looking for that day! Using a heavy girdle bug or small wooly bugger as anchor flies with a smaller hares ear or Caddis Pupa as the dropper has been working great. Stripping streamers has been producing well in large pools with some great sized fish coming to hand with this method. Dry fly action has been different from river to river. The northern rivers have had great hatches of green drakes, BWOs, sulfurs, cahills, and caddis. On the west branch of the Ausable; Griffiths gnats, elk hair caddis, and BWO comparaduns in sizes 16-20 have been most productive during the evening hatches and large foam attractors have been getting plenty of attention throughout the day. Big black stones have also been a main food source for the big browns lately, so make sure you have your chubby Chernobyls! We are using variety of attractor dries through the day like the Ausable Bomber , Wulff, and Usual. Rusty spinners and more realistic match the hatch patterns in the evenings. Swinging a soft hackle or wet fly leading up to the evening hatch has also been very productive. Soft hackle pheasant tails and hares ears are both great patterns as well as march brown wets. Prime time is now! 

7 day Outlook: . The fishing has been hot the last week and is only gonna get better this next week! Temps will be sitting at highs in the mid 70s and nights in the 50’s combined with the rain the past few days have put us back into prime conditions! A little rain this week should help to keep us in Prime conditions!

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