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Stream Report

Stream Report

Adirondack fishing reports at your fingertips. Visit this page often for the latest updates on the fishing in our area which includes Lake Placid, Wilmington, and Whiteface Fishing.

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DATE: 4/1/23

Water Conditions

Ausable Main Stem: No Reading

West Branch Of the Ausable: No Reading

Clarity: Stained

Water Temperatures: 32-34 F

Current Conditions: 2023 Season is upon us! Our fly shop is open by appointment only from now until May 15th, 2023. We are in the shop most days now and busy getting everything ready for the upcoming season Call me at 9709466310 if you need something from the shop let us know and we can find a time to meet you here. You can also shop us online at 

Spring is here! We got what we believe was the last snow of the year recently, and most of it is gone already. We have a very good early season with warm temps occurring intermittently and they have put the river in great shape.  We have been seeing early stoneflies for weeks and the river looks great. The gauges are not currently reading yet but the river looks great. Its slightly up and slightly stained which is just what we want to see.   There is a picture of the river below taken today behind the resort in the famous “Home Pool”.

Now is the time to get your guide trips, vacations and fishing trips booked. We have a very successful routine throughout the Adirondacks for all species. Rivers, small streams, Lake Trout, panfish, pike and bass – you name it – we have a trip dialed for each species.  Can’t wait! We recommend being on the books very soon for your peak May-June Dates! 

 For more information about current conditions Please call The Hungry Trout Shop at (518)-946-2217 

Hatches: Midges, Early Season Stones

Must have Fly Patterns: (Nymphs) Small black stones #14-18, Zug Bug Sz. 12-16, Jig Caddis Pupa Sz.12-14, Prince Nymph Sz.10-14, Birds nest Sz. 12-14, Jig Mop Fly Sz.10-14 Soft hackle Hares Ear Sz.12-14 , , Perdigon Olive and Tan Jig #16-14

(Streamers) Gray Ghost Sz.4-6, Green Ghost Sz.4-6, Red Ghost Sz.4-6, Black Ghost Sz.4-6, Woolly Buggers(Olive,Black,White, Brown) Sz.4-8 Sparkle Minnows Sz.4-6, Zonkers (olive, Tan, Pearl, Black) Sz.6

Techniques and Tips: Low and Slow! Dead drift streamers when the water is rising or falling or fish with slow retrieves. Tandem rigs of attractor nymphs  work this time of year. Stoneflies down to mayfly attractors and caddis – Pheasant Tail, Prince nymphs, French Jigs, UV Caddis Czech Nymphs and small stoneflies.

7 day Outlook: 


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