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Stream Report

Stream Report

Adirondack fishing reports at your fingertips. Visit this page often for the latest updates on the fishing in our area which includes Lake Placid, Wilmington, and Whiteface Fishing.

Adirondack fishing report flies


DATE: 11/16/22

Water Conditions

Ausable Main Stem: 674 CFS

West Branch Of the Ausable: 141 CFS 

Clarity: Clear

Water Temperatures: 34-39 F

Current Conditions: Thank you all for such a great season! Our fly shop is open by appointment only from now until April 1, 2023. Call me at 9709466310 if you need something from the shop let us know and we can find a time to meet you here. You can also shop us online at Winter is here! We got 4 inches of snow last night, which finally put the Ausable River under 40 degrees. We had a wicked good fall with warm temps continuing through half of November allowing us to extend our season a few weeks. We want to thank all of our clients and customers and supporters of the shop for your support this season! We love what we do here and we love sharing it. That’s what its all about. Lots of are relationships formed, and with Covid and border closure from CA , lots of relationships re-kindled. It was great seeing so many clients that have not been able to visit the past few years. Please join us for our GUIDED ICE FISHING TRIPS this winter. We have a very successful routine throughout the Adirondacks for all species. Lake Trout, Pan fish, pike and bass – you name it – we have a trip dialed for each species.  Can’t wait until next year! We recommend being on the books by Mid March for your peak May-June Dates! 


 For more information about current conditions Please call The Hungry Trout Shop at (518)-946-2117 

Hatches: Midge

Must have Fly Patterns: (Nymphs) Girdle Bugs Sz.8-12, Zug Bug Sz. 12-16, Jig Caddis Pupa Sz.12-14, Prince Nymph Sz.10-14, Birds nest Sz. 12-14, Jig Mop Fly Sz.10-14 Soft hackle Hares Ear Sz.12-14 , Thurminator Golden Stone, Perdigon Olive and Tan Jig #16-14

(Streamers) Gray Ghost Sz.4-6, Green Ghost Sz.4-6, Red Ghost Sz.4-6, Black Ghost Sz.4-6, Woolly Buggers(Olive,Black,White, Brown) Sz.4-8 Sparkle Minnows Sz.4-6, Zonkers (olive, Tan, Pearl, Black) Sz.6

(Dry Flies) BWO Comparadun Sz.14-16, ISO Comparadun Sz. 10-14, Parachute Adams Sz. 12-18, BWO Trifecta Sz.14-16, BWO spinner Sz.14-16,  Rusty Spinner Sz.12-16 Chubby Chernobyl Sz.8-10 Ausable Bomber Sz. 10-14 Ausable Wulff Sz.12-14, Elk Hair Caddis Sz.12-20, Stimulator Sz. 6-14, Griffiths gnat Sz. 18-20

(WarmWater Flies) Poppers- Chart., Yellow, Black, White Sz. 6-10 Sparkle Minnows Sz. 4-8, Wooly Buggers 4-10, Near Nuff Sculpin Sz. 6,  Girdle Bugs Sz.8-10, Chubby Chernobyl Sz. 6-10 Damsel Flies Sz. 8, Pike Bunny Who. Chart., Pike Streamers Sz, 2/0

Techniques and Tips: Low and Slow! Dead drift streamers and a tandem rig of attractor nymphs  – one large #12 and a small #18-20. Stoneflies down to mayfly attractors and caddis – Girdle Bugs, Mops, Pheasant Tail, Prince nymphs, French Jigs, UV Caddis Czech Nymphs. 

7 day Outlook: 

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