Hungry Trout Resort 2018 Upland Journal

North Country conditions can change rapidly

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Date of Update: 11/30/18

Precipitation This Month: 5.54 in

Air Temp: 64 Am

Current Overview

Hunting has been tough because of the weather conditions. Heavy wet snow dominates the coverts and makes for rough going. Overall the bird numbers are good right now but the conditions have kept them holed up tight. Things around here got cold fast this year. Normally, we have a gradual temperature drop and that makes the hunting a little more predictable but this year it just went straight from fall to winter. The hunting will stabilize here in the next few days as we have finally had steady weather conditions for the past several days. Forecasts are calling for rain for light rain the next two days and than it will get cool again with periods of good sunshine. We expect to see good bird numbers in the coming week.

As always, call the resort for the most up to date and detailed information 518-946-2117

Season Overview 2018

10/7 – The Hungry Trout was proud to host the Hunting Dog Podcast for its first hosted hunt this past week. We were Joined by host Ron Boehme and his webmaster Matt along with six of their guests for our first hunts of the year. Luckily, the temperatures cooperated and we were able to see some good dog work. In atypical fashion the grouse were wary as this timeframe landed during a transition period for food. Typically this time of year we are looking for berries when we search fro grouse but an early mass led to the berry supplies being picked clean by the beginning of October. We did find grouse but not in the large concentrations we usually find them in this week. But there is good news, what we didn’t find for grouse we more than made up for with woodcock. We were into steady doses of woodcock all week long and it made for consistent action. We were able to see a young dog mature this week after many wild bird contacts and that was a special experience. Our final day we were also joined by Ried Bryant who is the Wingshooting Services Manager for Orvis and we had a great hunt with Ried. At the end of that day that group of hunters had tallied 49 woodcock flushes and 9 grouse.

All in the all the hosted hunt was a complete success. We were able to spend a lot of great quality time in the northwoods with our guests who were able to see and harvest a bounty of birds. This past week we hunted over 8 different dogs of 5 different breeds and saw great work from all of them. We recorded several podcasts for the week ending in our re-cap on the final night which can be heard by clicking the photo below.

10/14 – Another week in the books here at the Hungry Trout and another great week of hunting. This week we were able to get back on the grouse. Weather conditions have been stable and the birds have been cooperative. The woodcock are still in and we are seeing a steady mix of resident birds and flight birds. The difference from this week to last week is that the focus has shifted back to grouse away from woodcock. The grouse are back to a predictable pattern and are budding and using aspen and birch cuts to pack on the weight for the winter. Flush counts are steady and interspersed with the plentiful woodcock. We were joined by several guests who were able to harvest both their first woodcock and their first grouse on the same hunts. We are looking forward to another great week!

10/21 – This week has really turned out to be exceptional. The birds have really moved hard into the birch and aspen buds and they can be found there every morning, you can set your watch to it. We are finding very good numbers every day and getting good shots. The woodcock are still around and giving us ample opportunities but nowhere near the numbers as the beginning of the month. Seems like we are experiencing the opposite of last year when it comes to them. If these grouse numbers keep up a couple of our guides will hit 400 flushes next week.

10/28 – We wrapped up our final hunts of the season in fine fashion. This was a great week for harvesting birds. The flush counts fell a little bit from last week but are still holding well above the national average, much higher. Our guests were lucky enough to knock down some magnificent cock birds this week, several of which are headed to the taxidermist. One of our guests has a 30 flush day this week not counting a couple of woodcock.

2018 – This season could not have gone any better for us. In review, we had some tremendous woodcock numbers in the early part of the season followed by some of the better grouse flush counts we’ve had in the past several years. We were pleased to cater to over 100 guests this year and are looking forward to a bright future for our covers. By our estimation we are spending the majority of our time on timber land that accumulates to well over 100,000 acres with the addition of a new cover we added to the lineup. We harvested a few more grouse this year than in years past and we attribute that to the skill of our guests, we had some fine hunters with us this year and true sportsman. Everyone was safe as usual and there was no shortage of laughs and fine food and drink. There were no major canine issues and everyone stayed healthy. We already have several bookings from our return guests and we are looking forward to a great 2019 season.