Northern Adirondack and Ausable River Stream Conditions

Ausable River conditions can change rapidly

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Stream: Ausable River

Date of Update: 4/10/2021

Stream Level (West):  525 c.f.s 

Stream Level (Main): 1730 c.f.s 

Water Temp: 38-44F 

Clarity: Off color


 Early brown stones. Micro stones. BUGS: Finding lots of Hendrickson nymphs and various caddis nymphs when flipping rocks ranging from 18-12.

Hot Flies

DRIES:  N/A until May : Parachute Adams #8-12, Olives #14-18, Stimulator#6-14, Trina’s Carnage #10, Widowmaker Stone#10, Elkhair Caddis #12-18 NYMPHS: Squirmy Wormy #12-14, Mop Fly various colors #10-16, French Jig #14-20, Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Jig #12-16, Pheasant Tail #10-18, Olive Hare’s Ear #16-20, Beadhead Batman/Ironman, #12-18,, Caddis Pupa #12-18, Copper Johns #12-18 STREAMERS: Jigged and conehead wooly buggers – Black and Olive#6-12, Conehead Minnow #8, CH Crystal Bugger, Zoo Cougar, Sparkle Minnow, Galloup’s Dungeon (Mini and standard)

Fishing Overview

   Fishing season for 2021 has arrived! We are all really looking forward to this season. After a long covid restricted winter. Currently, the weather in the Adirondacks is similar to May. 70’s and sunny with evenings in the 40’s. This string of hot days and overall dry spring, has put us far ahead of our average April conditions. The river is high, but fishable and very cold still in the lower 40’s. The warm water has kicked up some snowmelt adding to the challenge. Very few anglers having any success at the moment on the Ausable but other area waters are more productive. Flat water options are the place to be. One customer caught a handful of nice brook trout at his local hot spot, and others targeting Lake Trout are having good success in about 15′ of water. This is the time to target flatwater and remember PFDs are required, and the smart decision, through May 1st. Hit us up with any questions!   As always, call the fly shop for the most up to date and detailed information 518-946-2117

Specifics and Tips

 Fish the edges and slower water surrounding fast water. Fish can hold in shallower water near deep water in the early season so be sure to fish the evident troughs near deep holes. Slow drifts is the key this time of year. Fish are not very active. Fish streamers, but fish them slow and don’t count out dead drifting them through the holes. Try bright attractors as well as realistic small flies. If you turn some rocks, you will find some caddis an a variety of small mayfly nymphs approx 16-18. Fish low and slow and with lots of patience! Flatwater: My go to line for this time of year is a type 3, and I pair it with a 6-10′ ft leader of 1x tapered down to 3x. I use mid to large white flies in the early season, but also mix it up to darker tones if I am not getting a response. Fish will be focusing in the upper water column about 15′ deep.  For the best Specifics and Tips call us at the fly shop at 518-946-2117.

Shop Events

 We have ordered 6 Stand up paddle boards this year and are now a BADFISH dealer of SUPs! Super pumped to add this as a rental and also as a service for those wanting to try it or looking for a new experience. Rent or Hire – your choice. They are inflatable and the rental comes with everything you need for the day. Check them out here!

This is going to be a very busy season with increased guide demand like we have never seen. We are limiting our clinics this season so stay tuned for more information on dates and times as we can fit them into the schedule.

We are also doing a video series with Ausable River Association on conservation and stewardship practices on the water shed this season, so stay tuned to their Instagram and YouTube channels for some cool info and fly fishing related fishing videos.

Our clinic dates for 2021: 

Stillwater Clinic June 11-13, 2021 open to 6 anglers $895 pp SOLD OUT

EuroNymphing Clinic July 3rd 8-4p open to 6 anglers $295 pp

Learn to fly fish clinics: Stay Tuned for Details!

Fall Still water clinics : Stay tuned for Details!

As always, call the fly shop for the most up to date and detailed information 518-946-2117


Ausable River USGS Gauges

Main Stem Gauge

West Branch Gauge

There is a new gauge on the West Branch! 150 ft above Monument Falls! Check it out here:

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