Our Fishing & Hunting Guides

Our staff of experienced, professional guides led by Head Guide, Rachel Finn offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the shop and on the river. From beginner to expert anglers, Our guides are eager to help you get more and bigger fish to net, while developing your skills to become an efficient, self reliant, and confident fly fishing fanatic.

Evan Bottcher

Evan was raised at the Hungry Trout and learned to fly fish on the Ausable River when he was ten years old. Evan honed his skills in Southwest Colorado fishing the Animas River and surrounding Rocky Mountain Streams. Fly Fishing has brought him many places, having cast a fly in Belize, Labrador, Bahamas, Argentina, Alaska and most western states. He would return each May to guide a roster of return clients, which he prefers to exhaust in full day excursions to remote sections of river. Evan and his wife Caitlin are now in their 10th year owning the Hungry Trout Fly Shop ready for 99 more!

Rachel Finn

Rachel has been head guide at the H.T for over 20 seasons. Rachel’s knowledge of the Ausable river and our area streams is known throughout the Northeast, which has made her one of the most sought after guides in the region. She is a retired Alaskan guide with a Masters from Yale, whose Tacoma has become a streamside fixture in the Ausable River Valley. Her passion for the art of fly fishing, and her knowledge of it’s most technical offerings has earned Rachel a spot on the pro staff of Scott Rods, Nautilus, Airflo, and is also a Patagonia Fly Fishing ambassador.

Bill O’Brien

Bill O`Brien is an experienced angler and instructor who has been guiding for the H.T for 15 seasons. His passion for fly fishing, and his contagious enthusiasm keeps him busy throughout the season. A long time friend of ours, and all around gentleman. Bill is a retired Navy Pilot, and currently is a guitarist for a popular Irish rock band out of Saratoga called ‘Forthlin Road’. Bill has been instrumental in the arranging of the Two-Fly Tournament each summer for many of its formative years. Bill is a key figure for us at the H.T because, lets be honest – Everybody. loves. Bill…

Matt DeLorenzo

Matt D. grew up in the fishing business working his fathers charter service on the trout rich waters of Western New York. He has been a licensed guide for well over a decade and is an organized and professional guide. Matt prefers backcountry brook trout trips and fishing heavy pocket water. He is also a very productive fly tier, who pumps out detailed patterns. Matt is an Army combat veteran and also one of our hunting guides, he is very passionate about hunting with his French Brittany “Louis”.

Reed Atkinson

Reed grew up on the Saranac River in the northern Adirondacks where he started fishing and hunting at a young age.  These days you can find him fly fishing all over the Adirondacks and beyond on foot, SUP, canoe or boat and ice fishing all winter.  Hiking into quieter, less pressured water is his favorite way to fish.  Reed is also an avid rod builder and fly tier and is owner of Atkinson Rods, a full custom rod and repair shop.

Austin Gentner

Austin grew up in Lake George fishing with his grandfather since the age of three. He has fished everywhere from trout rich streams in Colorado to the flats of the Florida Keys.  When he’s not guiding, Austin can be found in the fly shop ready to answer questions, help you pick out gear, and flies to catch that big fish which he calls a SLOB! Austin currently works for Colonie EMS and previously as a rescue diver. He enjoys sharing his insights and knowledge of fishing, but more importantly emphasizing the importance and value of connecting with and preserving the amazing fisheries and natural resources we have. 

Bobby Eckert

Bobby Eckert owns and operates Freestone Fly Tours and currently resides in the Albany region. Bobby grew up fishing gather Ausable river and surrounding waters, gaining an intimate understanding of the fishery over the years. He enjoys sharing this knowledge with his clients in an effort to provide a successful day on the water. He also spends much of his time fishing and guiding on the rivers throughout the Northeastern New York region. IN his spare time, Bobby enjoys tying flies for his latest adventure and cooking gourmet meals. He has a diverse skill set and arsenal of watercraft to aid in his chase of warm and cold water species through all seasons of the year.

William Ryan

Will Ryan grew up fishing Lake George where his family still resides. He has been guiding for three seasons and also guides ice fishing for the Hungry Trout in the winter time. Taking a circuitous route to guiding, Will has been a waterski instructor, Army Military Police Lieutenant, and most recently a Nonprofit Executive Director. When not fishing will loves tying flies and is also an accomplished hunter, trapper, mountain biker and enjoys volunteering with at risk veterans.

Brandon Seifert

Brandon was born and raised in Buffalo. He began fly fishing at the age of 15 and was instantly hooked. He has fly fishiness all throughout NY but most of his time has been in western NY specializing in the world of Spey Fishing. He has fished for Atlantics in the Gaspe and for steelhead throughout the Great Lake Tributaries. He is also an avid euronympher and passionate hiker on his way to be a 46er (while chasing small brook trout streams along the way).

John Fik

John has been fishing the ‘dacks for over 40 years and has had a popular television show for years on CBS called Adirondack Trails “Inside the Blue Line”. John enjoys teaching the “new comer” the basics of casting, how to break the river down into smaller sections and where the fish are. John is also a hunting guide for the Hungry Trout and can be found wandering coverts with his GSP “Eli”.

Jim Adams

Jim has been fishing the Adirondack Mountains for more for over 30 years. In addition to fishing the Adirondacks, Jim has fished throughout the Northeast, Scotland, the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest regions of the US and has also spent a good deal of time on the flats of south-Florida chasing bonefish, permit and tarpon. Jim has a strong passion for chasing steelhead on the fly and can often be found on tributaries to Lake Ontario from late fall until early spring. Jim also specializes in European style nymphing techniques as well as targeting big fish with streamers in less than ideal conditions.

Rick Kovacs

Rick Kovacs specializes in the introduction of fly fishing and fly casting for beginners. He also guides for experienced fly fishers on rivers throughout the Adirondacks and on back-country ponds in and around the Five Ponds Wilderness.

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson grew up spending his summers in the Adirondacks. It wasn’t until a father/son trip to the West Branch of the Ausable that he fell in love with fly fishing. From that day forward, the thought of how and when he could get on the water never faded. When not searching for feeding trout on the Ausable, he spends time on the Delaware and Battenkill Rivers for feisty browns. Matt is also a special education teacher. He is a natural teacher and enjoys teaching those eager to learn about the sport.