Guide Profile: Schuyler Deeney

What can we say about Schuyler? Schuyler is a fishing dynamo with an endless passion for fly fishing. He can be found all hours of the day or night on the river when he isn’t guiding. Schuyler also works in the fly shop and is always eager to share his local knowledge. He is currently studying Fisheries and Aquaculture at SUNY Cobleskill and working towards his bachelors degree. Schuyler is the president of the SUNY Cobleskill chapter of Trout Unlimited and a ski instructor in the winter. Schuyler loves to Euro Nymph and we aren’t sure what would happen to him if he couldn’t fish for a day or two. He was a great addition to the Hungry Trout staff and has guided more than his share of happy clients over the last several seasons at the Hungry Trout. Schuyler also loves to fish small streams for Brook trout and has quite the repertoire of small streams to visit. To request any of our guides at the Hungry Trout call (518)946-2117. You can direct any inquires for them to  


A Hendrickson Female Dun The genus Ephemerella is another group of bugs that can be quite the big deal here in the east. In fact the species subvaria is a very big deal. The subvaria hatch is the first “super hatch” of the year and trout are known throughout the east and midwest to go bananas when these things start coming off. To my knowledge and based on my research there are nineteen different species of Ephemerella. The most important species to anglers will be definitely be Ephemerella subvaria otherwise known as the Hendrickson which is named after Albert Everett Hendrickson of Scarsdale New York who was a good friend of Theodore Gordon. In the west the Ephemerella species will be Ephemerella dorothea, and infrequens otherwise known as the Pale Morning Dun. The most common name for subvaria is the Hendrickson. They also go by Dark Hendrickson, Red Quill, Lady Beaverkill, Beaverkill, Borcher Drake, and Whirling Dun. A Hendrickson Male Dun These little guys begin hatching in the spring, which using us a guide for the hatch, it usually happens in mid to late May or when water temps reach between 50 and 55 degrees. This is arguably the best hatch of the year and when it’s happening the fish are really keyed onto them. The nymphs hatch by swimming or undulating their body to the surface and emerging from their shucks in the film. Once hatched the duns are known to ride in the current for a long time before they take flight which makes them an ideal food source. It’s said that […]
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Guide Profile: Sean Platt

Sean grew up in Keene Valley exploring the High Peaks region of the park. He has spent the the past five years working as a Backcountry Ranger and Ski Patroller both here and in Colorado. He loves to strip streamers and chase wild brook trout on the high mountain streams of his youth. You can find Sean most days in the shop with a smile on his face ready to talk fishing with everybody who walks in the door. He has an infectious enthusiasm for fly fishing that he effortlessly transfers to everyone around him. Sean is a self-professed streamer junkie and one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet. He’s the king of the after work fishing trip and he’s mad about catching brooks and bass on topwater. We are pretty sure there is a war going on within him to see which fish wins but we are sure if you ask him to go fishing there won’t be a lot of hesitation on his end. To request any of our guides at the Hungry Trout call (518)946-2117. You can direct any inquires for them to

Quick vacation fishing trips

Let’s take a minute to talk about something important here in the North Country. We frequently get to meet some great folks on vacation with their families in the area that are looking for a quick way to spend a short amount of time on the water. We get it, fishing is awesome, but we don’t always have a lot of time to spend away when we are traveling with our families. So before going into your travel make sure you take a look at this website that has a lot of information about fishing. Wilmington has a hidden gem lying in wait for you….Lake Everest. When people hear about fishing the west branch of the Ausable in Wilmington, Lake Everest isn’t something that comes to mind. Let’s talk a little about that. Lake Everest is an impoundment on the Ausable that was created in 1812 by a local man who brought the project to fruition to create a power source for a variety of natural resource based industry ventures, mainly town power. The dam was reconfigured in the 1930’s and a park was created to provide the residents and tourists easy access to the waterway. The impoundment is 30 acres and fishes a lot more like a slow moving section of the river than a lake, which is what it is. If you plan to go with your family to a lake, I will recommend you to get an RV from like this winnebago for sale which is an affordable way to do a road trip with the family. Lake Everest may be one of the most often overlooked jems of the Ausable River. The put in is at the Wilmington […]

Tips for winter trout

Early season trout fishing can be tough at best, I’m talking about spring fishing, I’m talking about fishing before the spring, in the winter when water temps are well below 50 degrees. In places like where I live In the north country if you aren’t fishing heavily stocked waters it can be like pulling your teeth out. Trout in these conditions and places are pretty lethargic this time of year and the fishing can be very very slow. Its a mental game, its very hard to keep your head in the game this time of year when you aren’t putting up numbers. You have to stay focused and concentrate on what you are doing. There is a big difference between going fishing and fishing well. But just because the fishing isn’t that great yet doesn’t mean you cant go out and catch a few. here is a short list of tips or facts to help you improve the odds.   1. Fish at the right time The best time to fish is when you can go fishing right? But try to optimize that time if possible. keeping in mind that sub 50 the fish are not very active, you want to be out in the warmest part of the day, notice I didn’t say brightest. 2.Downsize I talk to a lot of guys who say trout are not as spooky in the late season and I will agree with this to some extent. But that doesn’t mean that they are stupid either. I like to fish lighter tippet which goes along with smaller flies that are often fished this time of year. “Think small fish small” is a good motto. Fish aren’t going […]
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Ausable Bomber Video

Hey Everyone! I wanted to provide a step by step video I made for all of you wanting to tie Fran’s Ausable Bomber, it’s a staple pattern here in the North Country, you cannot visit the Ausable without it. It’s easy and quick to tie and it works throughout the season. Enjoy – Matt D  

Add a little bling for low light

It’s the time of year for me that plays tricks with my eyes and I always seem to forget about it. Spring can be tough with ever changing lighting conditions and the lengthening of the days and shadows. I often find myself in situations where even when fishing the same area for a lengthened amount of time I hit periods where it is just damn hard to see the fly. Thats when I start using this very simple and sometimes overlooked trick. I change all the posts on my dries with high visibility materials. In the photo above you are looking at a batch of Ausable Bombers I spun up using different colored Calf Tail. The one I tend to go to most is at the bottom of the picture where I combine two different colors for a contrast effect. With that said I always have a few colors on hand during these conditions because certain colors will show up better in different conditions. Something so simple can make a big difference when it comes to being able to locate your fly in low light, particularly in the turbid water conditions we often have during the spring in my part of the woods. Its also great if you’re fishing with someone whose vision just isn’t quite the same as it used to be. I have not personally found a situation where I thought a fish was less likely to take the fly with these bright colors, I don’t subscribe to that theory. After all, if the flies work as designed the fish won’t see the posts if they are laying on the water as intended.

Fishing was good today

 Fishing was good today I caught 6 trout.
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