Rachel has been head guide at the H.T for over 20 seasons. Rachel’s knowledge of the Ausable river and our area streams is known throughout the Northeast, which has made her one of the most sought after guides in the region. She is a retired Alaskan guide with a Masters from Yale, whose Tacoma has become a streamside fixture in the Ausable River Valley. Her passion for the art of fly fishing, and her knowledge of it’s most technical offerings has earned Rachel a spot on the pro staff of Scott Rods, Nautilus, Airflo, and is also a Patagonia Fly Fishing ambassador.

We are proud to say that she is also an AMFF Ambassador and recent recipient of the Isaac Walton Award from the AMFF. She is a highly accomplished artist with an MFA from Yale, Rachel’s artwork reflects her passion and exuberance for the natural world. She is known as one of the most wonderful and colorful characters in the fly fishing industry.

Nobody spends more time on the Ausable than Rachel and we are sure she has fished just about every inch of it. If you take a drive down the river and don’t see her truck there…go home.

To request any of our guides at the Hungry Trout call (518)946-2117. You can direct any inquires for them to flyfishing@hungrytrout.comGuide