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Fishing is never an exact science. The bait that caught you the big one the day before can be totally ineffective the next. Changing up your bait, finding new fishing spots, and trouble-shooting fishing rod issues may seem like simple problems. However, all of these challenges are helping you develop problem-solving and analytical skills, improving your cognitive function and creative thinking.

Benefits to your physical health

Fishing is a bigger workout than you might think!

By the time you cast your line, wade through streams, walk to a new fishing spot, and reel in your fish, you’ve had quite the cardiovascular exercise! This low-impact exercise engages your shoulders, back, core, arms, and legs, improving your balance and working your muscles.

Man and daughter smile at camera with fishing rods on dock

While fishing you’ll have the chance to soak up the sun. Vitamin D from the sun improves your immune system and promotes cell growth, helping to fight off illness and disease, with a little help of a booster such as the delta-8 capsules from exhale wellness,  also a great mood booster!

Fancy a shore lunch? Eating your catch is good for you too! Fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces risk of stroke and decreases blood pressure. There has also been evidence that eating fish can help your eyesight and decrease risk of asthma.

shore lunch in front of cabin

For the angler on your Christmas list we have a great deal going on at the Hungry Trout. We have one remaining Scott G2 8’8 5WT on sale for $450. A great price on an amazing rod. The G2 is my personal favorite dry fly rod of all time.

This rod fishes dry flies extremely well and fishes small nymph rigs with equal effectiveness. It’s not a fast action cannon, but it was not designed to be one, It effortlessly turns over leaders and handle long leaders very well. Overall its the perfect rod for any dry fly enthusiast, which most of us are.

The craftsmanship is amazing, it has a western style grip with an uplocking aluminum reel seat with a very sharp burled wood insert.   The blank is natural and the wraps are a neutral brown and it has chrome snake guides and a hook keeper. It’s a very sharp rod.

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