Let’s take a minute to talk about something important here in the North Country. We frequently get to meet some great folks on vacation with their families in the area that are looking for a quick way to spend a short amount of time on the water. We get it, fishing is awesome, but we don’t always have a lot of time to spend away when we are traveling with our families. So before going into your travel make sure you take a look at this website campingfunzone.com that has a lot of information about fishing.

Wilmington has a hidden gem lying in wait for you….Lake Everest. When people hear about fishing the west branch of the Ausable in Wilmington, Lake Everest isn’t something that comes to mind. Let’s talk a little about that. Lake Everest is an impoundment on the Ausable that was created in 1812 by a local man who brought the project to fruition to create a power source for a variety of natural resource based industry ventures, mainly town power. The dam was reconfigured in the 1930’s and a park was created to provide the residents and tourists easy access to the waterway. The impoundment is 30 acres and fishes a lot more like a slow moving section of the river than a lake, which is what it is. If you plan to go with your family to a lake, I will recommend you to get an RV from like this winnebago for sale which is an affordable way to do a road trip with the family.

Lake Everest may be one of the most often overlooked jems of the Ausable River. The put in is at the Wilmington Town Beach where there is a nice launch area and dock. Canoe, inflatable fishing boats, and kayak rentals are available from the town during the summer months. You can paddle about a mile upstream from the beach area, at which point the Ausable River enters the lake. There are exceptional views of Whiteface and the Sentinal Mountains from the lake. If you want, you can stop at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, they have a dock on the east side of the lake about 0.6 miles from the beach.

Impoundment is a dirty word in the minds of most fly fisherman. But Lake Everest hardly feels like an impoundment. It’s become a vital piece of the community and a great place to occupy your family at the swimming area, playground, picnic areas, or by paddling this absolutely beautiful stretch of water. Don’t forget to use your running shoes and the best camping equipment for this website, if you are not into running shoes try getting this kind of wide fitting walking boots.

But let’s talk about the important part. I can’t think of many places where you can have such quick access to a short fishing trip on foot or by use of fishing boats where so many trout rise so easily to dry flies. Many of us here at the Hungry Trout spend time there casting dries to very eager fish. Accuracy is important but as much as most places, the fish can be forgiving and there are lot’s of them. The dry fly fishing is so good in fact that it is the place where usually get to observe the first hatches of the year and are able to time the rest of the river based on what’s happening there. Check out the best beginner goose call and have some fun fishing.

If you are looking for a good way to get out with your family, or just to steal away for a short time, this is a great place to do it like the ones that you can find at grand cayman fishing charters. You could also bring your family with you and enjoy a beautiful paddle, but always bring your fly rod. Happy trout will almost always be nearby.

For more information about our fly fishing trips in the area contact the fly shop at (518)946-2117 or by email at flyfishing@hungrytrout.com. Enjoy this quick video I shot of our guide Sean Platt on an evening excursion to the lake.