Our Fishing & Hunting Guides

Our staff of experienced, professional guides led by Head Guide, Rachel Finn offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the shop and on the river. From beginner to expert anglers, Our guides are eager to help you get more and bigger fish to net, while developing your skills to become an efficient, self reliant, and confident fly fishing fanatic.

Jerry Bottcher

Jerry is the reason The Hungry Trout has become a destination for an Adirondack vacation. He bought the H.T. Resort in 1982 and has turned it into what it is today. He also played an instrumental roll in the beginning of the catch & release movement on the West Branch of the Ausable. He has fly fished around the world, and regularly returns to South Andros Bahamas to chase bonefish or just relax on the beach. He has fished most well know trout streams in the U.S. with his brother Dana, a retired Deschutes River guide, who would meet each other in a new location each Sept. for decades.

Evan Bottcher

Evan was raised at the Hungry Trout and learned to fly fish on the Ausable River when he was ten years old. Evan honed his skills in Southwest Colorado fishing the Animas River and surrounding Rocky Mountain Streams. Fly Fishing has brought him many places, having cast a fly in Belize, Labrador, Bahamas, Alaska and most western states. He would return each May to guide a roster of return clients, which he prefers to exhaust in full day excursions to remote sections of river. Evan and his wife Caitlin are now in their seventh year growing the Hungry Trout Fly Shop with a clear vision for the future.

Caitlin Wagner

Caitlin’s positive attitude and beautiful personality have made her a fan favorite around the H.T. She has a knack for generous and charming customer service, and welcomes everyone with open arms as they arrive for their fishing adventure. Caitlin prefers fishing quiet, glassy pools for sipping trout and always know where the fish will be feeding. She is the link between our busy guide staff and shop patrons looking for the most up to date information and is always excited to point anglers in the right direction.

Rachel Finn

Rachel Finn has been head guide at the H.T for over 20 seasons. Rachel’s knowledge of the Ausable river and our area streams is known throughout the Northeast, which has made her one of the most sought after guides in the region. She is a retired Alaskan river guide with a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale, whose Toyota Tacoma has become a streamside fixture in the Ausable River Valley. Her passion for the art of fly fishing, and her knowledge of it’s most technical offerings has earned Rachel a spot on the pro staff of Scott Fly Rods, Nautilus Reels, Airflo Lines and is also a Patagonia Fly Fishing ambassador.

Jeff Kirshman

Jeff is known around the shop as the ‘Brook Trout Sensai’ . He often nets so many brook trout, when asked how, he responds very modestly ‘‘…when you do it this long, you can almost just smell them’’. Jeff is a native of the Adirondacks and has been guiding for the H.T for nearly 25 years. He would also guide in Alaska, with his wife Rachel, and would lead multi day float trips on remote, fly in only rivers in Alaska. He has a very soft-spoken manner, and is a very patient guide. In the off-season he is a bird-hunting guide, and is on Ski Patrol at Whiteface Mountain.

Bill O`Brien

Bill O`Brien is an experienced angler and instructor who has been guiding for the H.T for 15 seasons. His passion for fly fishing, and his contagious enthusiasm keeps him busy throughout the season. A long time friend of ours, and all around gentleman. Bill is a retired Navy Pilot, and currently is a guitarist for a popular Irish rock band out of Saratoga called ‘Forthlin Road’. Bill has been instrumental in the arranging of the Two-Fly Tournament each summer for many of its formative years. Bill is a key figure for us at the H.T because, lets be honest – Everybody. loves. Bill…

Matthew Delorenzo

Matt D. grew up in the fishing business helping work his fathers charter service on the salmon, steelhead, and brown trout waters of Western New York. He has been a licensed guide for close to a decade and is an organized and professional guide. Matt prefers backcountry brook trout trips and fishing heavy pocket water with his favorite rod – a 10’ 4 Winston BIIIX. He is also a very productive fly tier, who pumps out detailed patterns. Matt is in the National Guard and recently returned from a one-year tour in Afghanistan.

John Fick

Coming Soon!

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson grew up spending his summers in the Adirondacks. It wasn’t until a father/son trip to the West Branch of the Ausable that he fell in love with fly fishing. From that day forward, the thought of how and when he could get on the water never faded. When not searching for feeding trout on the Ausable, he spends time on the Delaware and Battenkill Rivers for feisty browns. Matt is also a special education teacher, and a weekend warrior in the off-season, chasing stripers in the salt or swinging for great lakes Steelhead. He is a natural teacher and enjoys teaching those eager to learn about the sport.