Northern Adirondack and Ausable River Stream Conditions

Ausable River conditions can change rapidly

Call our fly shop at 1-518-946-2117 for up to the minute reports.

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Evan and Rachel went fishing on thursday and caught some nice browns on Girdle Bugs, Olive Muddy Buddies, and Isonychia emergers. Fall colors have arrived

Ausable River

Date of Update: 10/13/17

Stream Level: 267 c.f.s 

Water Temp: 60 am

Clarity: clear


Caddis,  Stonefly, BWO, Midge

Hot Flies

DRIES: Blue Winged Olives CDC BWO #20, sulphur usual, ausable wulff, Rusty Spinner, Parachute Isonychia, Ausable Wulff NYMPHS: thurminator golden stone, girdle bug #8 , key lime caddis pupa #18, caddis pupa green, Birds nest #16, Red fox squirrel nymph #16, Tung Soft Hackle hares ear #12-16,  Montana Prince #12-18, Prince Nymph #12-18, Batman Nymph #16-18, Lexis Improved Stone #8 -12, Caddis Pupa #8-12 , Crane Fly Larva #8 STREAMERS: Zonkers olive & black, Wooly Buggers, Little Brown Trout, Black Ghost, Grey Ghost, Sparkle Minnow in Smoke and Sculpin #8, CH Crystal Bugger #4-8, Sculpzilla #4, Near Nuff Sculpin #4.

Fishing Overview

 A heavy shot of rain the other day has left us with a much healthier river then before. Our river has settled down to approx 300 cfs. Blue Winged Olives is the dominant hatch, size 18 and smaller. Nymphing pocket water with attractor nymphs has been awesome, with one angler just in the shop landing 14 trout today, one in the upper teens. Strong finish to the season! Only a few days  left! Go fishing!   Feel free to call the fly shop to get the most up to date information and more detail.

As always, call the fly shop for the most up to date and detailed information 518-946-2117

Specifics and Tips

Long leaders and delicate presentations are a must. If you are not catching them you must change action in your fly or fish a different phase of emergence. Fish the film etc. Just because they are ‘rising’ does not mean the bugs are on top of the water. Also, fish deep narrow pocket water if you do want to fish slow dry fly pools. There is a lot of narrow river that provides deep troughs even at this flow.    For the best Specifics and Tips call us at the fly shop at 518-946-2117.

Shop Events

Flatwater clinic is all full for Sept 29th! 

Conservation Note

Call the shop to book.

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